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This company is the worst! They denied claims that there is proof that they received pre-op and o=post op xrays for from electronic clearing houses.

They will do anything not to pay a claim. we sent an Xray showing half the tooth decayed on a patient and billed for a root canal. Then we billed a crown with is standard care after a root canal they wanted a final film of the root canal even though they paid for the root canal based on the first xray. they we send a copy of the finished root canal and they never paid us stating that we never sent the the xrays even thought we have all the claim IDS and then they don't answer the phone.

They use delay tactics, ask for information they already have to postpone timely payment. Then they don't answer the phone stating that they have too high of volume of calls. How is it legal for Insurance companies to take money from consumers for their care and not answer the phone for the healthcare workers that are providing care for them.

Ultimately offices have to bill the patient when insurance doesnt pay legitimate claims because the consumer doesnt know that they are the only ones that can fight to get these companies to pay. But more than not , The consumer gets mad at the dentist because they dont like dentists anyway, Instead of joining forces to help pay their claims.

Product or Service Mentioned: United Concordia Dental Medical Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I put up with years of their stall tactics. EVERY time my dentists office asked for a predetermination they would say the office never sent them the xrays and tried to make me think the dental office was incompitent.

Then 6 momths later when they finally got the predetermination approved then the claim form would vanish after sending it it. they tried to make me think it was the office fault but it was not. I even sent it myself and by certified mail and they said they never got it. Then when they did get it after I personllynsent it to a rep via email they tell me it wasnt filled out correctly..

of course it was correct. These peoplemare the biggest scam... Now they deny my claim because they have an opinion that the prognosis is not good for my tooth... well my dentist repaired it and it is doing well but they still wont pay for it.

Even though its a covered service...

They need to be shut down.

I have NEVER EVER had these kind problems with any Company. They are ORGANIZED CRIME!!

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