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Well I see my experience is right in line with others. You pay premiums for a dental plan which states certain procedures are covered, but then when you have those services rendered, they will make every excuse possible to avoid paying the claim, no matter what. I have paid out of pocket this year already close to $2,000 of dental work for both my wife and myself, while United Concordia has paid a total of $187. My wife had a new crown put in, they denied it because they say she already had a crown put in the same place recently. I contested it and got my employer involved (as it is their plan) and the response was that there was a error in the claim submitted and they would get it corrected. That was 3 months ago, and still no determination has been made.

No I need to have some periodontal surgery done, and my dentist submitted a pretreatment plan to United Concordia which again, the returned as denied. When my dentist called them to get an explanation of why they rejected it, they could not give an answer. My dentist asked to speak to someone who could explain it, and they could not comply. At that point the dentist called me and said unfortunately at this point there isn't much more he can do, and is actually now looking at removing himself as one of their preferred providers because he doesn't want to deal with them anymore. He told me I would be better off having no insurance, and saving the money I pay in premiums for dental work instead since I clearly pay more for coverage a year then what they will actually cover.

The day after that phone call with my dentist, I did get a letter in the mail from United Concordia with written explanation of why they denied my claim. They stated that they had their dentist, someone who has never seen me before, or knows the special conditions regarding my dental care, review my dental records and decide that that the treatment my dentist recommends is not needed, therefore they denied it.

Totally worthless. I told my employer that during my next open enrollment that I want to decline dental coverage altogether and I will be purchasing another plan myself, as their dental provider of choice is an absolute joke.

So if your considering dental coverage...get Delta Dental, or one of the other providers except United Concordia. They deserve to go down in a ball of flames, however we all know that isn't how this works. They are cheating people out of coverage while raking in the money and nobody will do anything about it.

Product or Service Mentioned: United Concordia Dental Dental Insurance.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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You are correct, that is exactly what they did to me. I dropped their so called coverage and will never enroll with United Concordia again, Having no dental insurance is much better for your oral health than having United Concordia.

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As a dentist, I can tell you they are the worst insurance company out there. It isn't even close.

A recent poll on DentalTown, a dentist professional website, listed them as the worse insurance company. They regularly deny needed care and even when they do pay, it's a 3 month battle to get them to pay a claim.

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